Innovative Material

Candie's Lens researched and developed a material called Polymacon which is innovative material and we produce contact lenses that have strong hydrophile property without foreign body sensation. 
Candie's Lens keeps the eyes from drying out and maintains wearing comfort without dryness even with extended-wear of contact lenses.

Moisturizing Effect Test

Candie's Lens Polymacon (CLP) vs Other Brand Polymacon (OBP) 

  • Result of moisturizing test for 8 hours showed that CLP maintains moisturizing power with more than 95%.
Moisturizing Effect.jpg
Moisturing Effect 2.jpg

DCP (Double Coating Printing) Method

Candie's Lens is manufactured by DCP method that prints pigment between lens materials and keeps pigment from touching eyeball, and it is not decolored and makes even surface of lens that doesn't put a strain on the eye.


Candie's Lens contact lenses enables the eyes to breath

Candie's Lens provides moist wear sensation all day long through oxygen transmission of circline located in between lens materials.


Soft Edge Design

Candie's Lens was designed by TrueEyeEdge that reduced the angle of the area touching the eye. 
Ergonomically designed soft and thin Edge design minimizes the friction with cornea and reduces eye strain.