Terms of Service

  1. 1 Introduction
    Candie’s Lens is an online retailer for various authentic Korean manufacturer for colored contact lenses.

    2 Price
    2.1 Candie’s Lens reserves the right to change the price of any product without notice.
    2.2 The total payable for products ordered is the total stated in the invoice sent via Paypal.

    3 Product
    3.1 All of our lenses are manufactured in Korea and are 100% authentic.
    3.2 All of our products are produced by meeting well-defined standards of quality.
    3.3 All lenses are yearly disposable and the manufacturing factory based in Korea has acquired the ISO, CE and KGMP certifications.
    3.4 Due to inevitable differences in monitor settings, photo lighting, and/or your eye color vs. model’s eye color, the actual color of the lenses may not appear 100% as shown in the pictures, but similarity achieves at least 85-90%.

    4 Availability
    4.1 Candie’s Lens cannot guarantee the availability of any products ordered. You will not be charged for any goods or products that are not available.
    4.2 We reserve the right to change the available range of goods without notice.

    5 Order Form
    5.1 You must complete and submit an Order Form indicating the lenses and prescription you wish to purchase from Candie’s Lens.
    5.2 We rely on the accuracy of the information and data provided by you on the Order Form in order to send you an invoice via Paypal. You warrant that all information and data provided by you in the Order Form is accurate, complete and up to date.
    5.3 If there is any change to the information or data you provided to us, you must notify us of that change as soon as possible.

    6 Payment
    6.1 International buyer will receive an invoice that includes descriptions, quantities, unit prices, shipping, and Paypal processing fees.
    6.2 Order will be automatically cancelled if payment is not received by the due date.

    7 Progress and Inspection
    7.1 The goods are properly packed, secured and dispatched in such a manner as to reach their destination in good condition.
    7.2 Before dispatching the goods, an exhaustive inspection will be carried out at our premises.

    8 Delivery
    8.1 Goods are dispatched after receiving confirmation of payment from Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays). 
    8.2 We reserve the right to only arrange for delivery of the goods if the total for the goods has been paid in full.

    9 Return, Exchange and Refund
    9.1 If the goods are found to be defective, a replacement is possible where the bottle had remained unsealed. 
    9.2 Goods are classified as faulty where a manufacturing fault occurs. (Please note that lenses that are damaged as a result of man-made are not considered to be faulty)
    9.3 Replacement is only valid provided you inform us within one (1) month of the delivery date.
    9.4 A remarkably clear picture of the defective lenses is required for investigation before a replacement/compensation is made available.
    9.5 Goods sold are not returnable, refundable or exchangeable.

    10 Non-Disclosure of Information
    10.1 It is always your choice, or the choice of anyone acting for you, whether to provide personal information. However, we always advise you for not providing your personal information about yourself that could be misused by others and do not provide personal information about others without their permission.
    10.2 We will not sell, share, or otherwise distribute your personal data to third parties. Where such disclosure of personal data to a third party occurs, we shall seek your consent before doing so.

    11 Risk
    11.1 The goods shall be at your risk from the time the goods leave our premises for delivery to you. 
    11.2 We shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever arising directly or indirectly during the delivery process.

    12 Disclaimers
    12.1 Goods sold are strictly not refundable, returnable or exchangeable.
    12.2 We are not liable for any health issues or damage that arises from the use of the lenses that you’ve purchased. (Use the lenses at your own risk)
    12.3 Please ensure you fully understand how to take proper care of your lenses and the health issues using lenses.
    12.4 You must have your eyes prescribed by an authorized optometrist before purchasing lenses from us.
    12.5 If you have questions regarding the lens and/or eye health, we recommend you to see your optometrist.
    12.6 We do not recommend you to wear them too often and to dispose of the properly cared for lenses after 6 months of use if they are meant to be yearly contacts.
    12.7 All the lenses have a usage life span of up to 1 year but it is still safer to replace sooner (protein build-up and usage will wear the lenses down faster).
    12.8 New lenses are encouraged to soak for a minimum of six (6) to eight (8) hours (or overnight) before wearing.

    We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.